Dave Pelz: Eliminate Fat Chips Forever


Dave Pelz: The Fool-Proof Chipping Method


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  1. Might as well putt it on such an easy chip.. Otherwise he is correct sometimes you can't putt,like say you have a clean fairway lie and you need 4 yards of carry good shot for that. In this situation the chip was so darn easy that he made it look like a 3 foot putt! Good tip kinda for rank amateurs or the easiest chip shot you can find right? Try this on a downhill shot on fast greens even on a clean lie and it's most likely going 12 feet by that's why pros use the sw/lw to negate the speed of the chip and to do that you need rotation and hand action/hinge and hold.

  2. Paul H says:

    The longer shots are important but after a few years of experience you will find that short game prowess is invaluable. After years of playing I have found that anyone half- decent can be on or about the green in regulation. Dave Pelz teaches a common sense method of minimizing your mistakes around the green and getting it in the hole in fewer strokes than your opponents, The scorecard doesn't show how great your drive was on hole 12, the scorecard only shows how well you managed your total game that day. I hope my simple words inspired someone reading them to go out and play great! I have had a 45 year love affair with golf and I am only 52.

  3. Great Insights very helpful!

  4. tallcip65 says:

    That's how I learned to hit pitch and run shots 20+ years ago. I try to use the same technique with my pw but I still catch it thin sometimes (3-4 times today)I think I might try going back to the 8i.

  5. You guys want some more golf tips! Give my latest video a view it doesn't disappoint! Subscribe if you'd like.

  6. Kees Tel says:

    I love your greenkeepers!

  7. this is fine and dandy but what do you do when you have to pitch up to an elevated green?

  8. KING TROLL says:

    "I use an 8 iron, deloft it, and it becomes a 5 iron". Then why dont you just use a 5 iron? Idiot.

  9. GALA Tolik says:

    Your drill is interesting and i would try right away. A litle missing here to me is the motive!!! ok with iron 8 that could be safer than wedge in pushing ball forward regarding direction; , maybe it is worth to try 6 or 5 as well? For me, on drive way it is ok, but suddenly the heel of the club meets ball first crazily and repeatly, once I lean the shalf far forward. Any advice? Thanks.

  10. even Phil screws the flop up 30% of the time. NO!! AMATEUR OVER 10HCP should even try a flop shot cost you way more strokes than it will EVER save you

  11. I believe that's the "Road Hole" copy in Pelz's backyard. Only the trees are real.

  12. TheNYgolfer says:

    This really is "foolproof" unless you are handsy . Use your pivot and keep the hands dead passive and it is virtually impossible to hit it fat or thin. Been using this method ever since I read about it in his book "The Short Game Bible" . If you want a higher trajectory simply use a 56 or 60 or even a 64 degree wedge but the method remains the same. Experiment with different clubs and learn the 'The Rule of 12 for chipping" and you will go to another level with your chips around the green.

  13. RollYourRock says:

    Dave, thanks so much for quoting Phil Rogers almost verbatim.

  14. Dave, you sound out of breath. Maybe you should take up something less exhausting than golf. 😉

  15. Dreama40 says:

    I know an even easier method, dont laugh, but you can set up as per Dave does in this video, but instead of using an 8 iron etc try using your putter and hit down on the back of the ball and it will pop up nicely and run out, the best thing about this method is that the putter has less chance of getting stuck as with an iron. So play the ball back, lean left, use your putter, chop down on the ball, it will pop up and run to the hole, VERY SAFE SHOT TO USE. I have used it for years and play off a 5 Hcp. Try it let me know how u get on.

  16. Brian Gibbs says:

    I tried this today with an 8 Iron from 25 yards and put it 3 feet from the hole. It worked with a 9I and a PW as well. Thanks Dave.

  17. that's great dave for a chip and run especially if there are no hills to overcome , do you have any videos that refer to chipping high and low around greens thanks

  18. xcops420 says:

    I play off my back foot all the time. I rarely play anything way forward in my stance. Not even the driver. I can shoot high 70's. Chipping off the back foot is the best way to not chunk.

  19. Sigh. The term is "foolproof", not "full proof"

  20. larry grasso says:

    Dave thank you, this worked great for me…tyty

  21. Andrew C says:

    I've been using this technique for years and love it. I use my 58* from 40y to about 60y, and my 52* from 60y to about 80y with enough spin to stop them pretty close to the pin. 
    Inside of 40y bumping and running with PW, 9i or even 8i is great. Just learn your distances by imagining either your hands or the club head on a clock. Further backswing = longer run. 
    For example, 8i. Hands to 7 o'clock in the backswing = 10y roll.
    Hands to 8 o'clock = 20y roll. 
    Hands to 9 o'clock = 30y roll.

  22. brofun says:

    I agree with hugh rogers..I've found that if in my back swing, I keep the head of the club shallow (don't bring it up steep), I can get good connection with the ball..a little air to drop it around 25% to the hole..and my chips are good!..if I want a little back spin..I simply make my swing a little steeper…and I do set the ball a little back in my stance and come down on the back side of the ball..I can put the brakes on it very well doing this..a little practice and you can put the ball within a foot every time!

  23. Hugh Rogers says:

    Not foolproof. Delofted, rear ball position is THE classic way to chunk even the shortest chip. Done it plenty of times for many years. Many teachers show people how to use the club bounce to avoid chunking and using a shallow swing to activate it. Unfortunately a delofted 7,8,9i doesn't have any bounce to work with. For chips like these as shown, you might as well putt. Good luck trying this going over heavy rough or a bunker, you need to learn good chipping and short pitching for those.

  24. Many thanks Dave, ive spent a fortune on short game lessons, your set up has never been shown to me, i had this fixed after watching your video, in 20mins!
    Thanks again.. Juri

  25. bens grandad says:

    I used this method today for the first time on the course without practising beforehand .i used 7 8 and 9 irons from 40 30 and 20 feet and got the ball up to the flag every time .it works .thanks dave

  26. bens grandad says:

    Foolproof dave not fullproof

  27. Jeff Rodgers says:

    Dave, what is the distance to the hole? Looks like 20-30 ft. What is it actually?

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