Cybex Bravo Pro – Improve your Golf Swing with Skip Redford


Every golfer wants to be able to add yards to their stroke and make their golf swing more efficient and accurate. Skip Redford is one of the Golf Industries top sport specific trainers and psychological coaches. He’s constantly sought after by many of the up and coming golf stars and top professionals. Now skip is designing and promoting equipment that can help you get your game to the next level.

Keep an eye out for Skip’s new instructional videos and products being launched 2015. If you want to hire Skip for any of:
-Golf Fitness Training
-Professional Caddying
-Golf Psychological Conditioning
Go to All-Terrain-Fitness.com or email: Skip@All-Terrain-Fitness.com

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One response to “Cybex Bravo Pro – Improve your Golf Swing with Skip Redford”

  1. Skip knows Golf. But too bad he's got a mail order McDojo Black Belt!

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