Custom Fitted Titleist Driver Built to Specs(in our TOUR VAN)


We are showing the importance of not only getting fit for the correct golf club but getting the club built to the exact specs taken in the fitting process. Everything from Shaft, to Flex,, to length, Swing weight, Grip and even the weight of the grip. We have our own connector system which allows us to try any shaft in any head but we also have every head specd out along with every shaft so we can build the customers club to exact spec.


6 responses to “Custom Fitted Titleist Driver Built to Specs(in our TOUR VAN)”

  1. " Boccieri Golf DFT Heavy Driver, The new Heavy Driver is cast 6-4 titanium for exacting specifications get it here! . http://shrsl.com/?~crgb

  2. surely the frequency will change once you have added the grip, so infact the frequency is wrong to what you needed. This is fact as long as its the actual finished cpm your looking to get once gripped. The frequency on this club is most probably 250cpm now with the grip installed

  3. mat man says:

    i really wish i had your job man. you must love what you do. I would absolutely love to build clubs all day long for people that know and understand their swing. Your so detailed…thats how it should be though i love it. Keep up the good work..hope to run into your van one day

  4. mat man says:

    dude this guys level of golf knowledge is so far beyond needing one number for a shaft flex…for it to be desired. if you want to know shaft flex just go to golf galaxy they can tell you that after like an hour there..thats basically all you get from a retail store

  5. bourland27 says:

    @dustinjohnsonfan9 ladies flex

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