Cure RX Putter Range


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Cure RX Putter Range reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark takes a closer look at the Cure RX Putters, giving his views on their looks, feel and design which could benefit golfers and help them make more of those important putts and eliminate three putts. With massive MOI properties these putter sure are interesting.

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21 responses to “Cure RX Putter Range”

  1. Astonishing how many people dismiss these putters offhand just based on looks. If I have to choose between 3 whacks with a pretty little Scotty Cameron putter or 2 with a brick on a stick I'll take 2 all day long.

  2. Matty says:

    My eyes, my eyes!!!

  3. A novel idea, but visually they make the sick wanna come outta my mawf! That noise makes it sound like its been fashioned from scrap metal too. The lie adjustability would have me forever tinkering with it for every putt I missed. I don't think I like them…put them in the bin

  4. Google Roger Evans Stand Up putter. Perfectly legal and been around for years

  5. How are these even allowed? Allows anyone who cant visualize the proper line with the club face to do it by just placing the putter and walking back behind it. I'd certainly be giving my friends a hard time if they tried this.

  6. Pete Kenny says:

    put one in your bag take it on course mark be interesting

  7. NSHB says:

    Man, they are ugly.. If you cant putt not sure you need to draw more attention to the weak part of your game

  8. ESikora12 says:

    I own an RX3 and added some weight in the toe section to give it some slight toe-hang properties. You do need to be alright with not having the prettiest putter out there, but the tech under the hood exceeds near everything out there

  9. Chris Brown says:

    Lolz… looks like a PlayStation controller with a shaft coming out of it. It's got to be the ugliest piece of golf equipment ever produced 💩💩💩

  10. Eric L says:

    please review the Ice Cube putter next!

  11. Y H1r05E says:

    hey mark, nice video! have been using an older version cure RX1, similar to RX5. you forgot to tell that the head is made of aluminium, face is 6 inches wide on RX5. I changed the grip to a light one of scotty cameron 60g, head weight of 453g, total of 627g. I used many scotty cameron putters before but putted so poorly on amateur competitions, about 4 three putts per round, 34-38 putts. I am 5 hdcap, so i had to make a drastic change, just putt for fun, so i got this cure putter RX1, red color head, very weird. so far so good, its very difficult to twist short or lag putts, have been converting more 8 to 10" putts, much better on lag putts 30-40". around 30-32 putts per round. i believe that its worth a try if you struggle to putt, but keep in mind that heavier MOI, works only on straight line stroke. I got this cure putter RX1 because i have heard that Russel Knox, Lexi Thompson used it on tour.

  12. Ernie Mangus says:

    I used one all this season. Was very effective for my putting and saved me about 5 putts a round. Two faults: 1. The sound is loud. 2. The putter being so huge takes up a large part of the bag. Really gets in the way when it covers up the wedges.

  13. Adam Flynn says:

    to me they look bloody awful…and for that reason i could never use 1. cool that it stands up though…u could address the ball then leave it standing and step back to see if u were lined up properly 👍

  14. Canopus says:

    Another course clog soon?

  15. Cinnamon Mon says:

    I have an RX3, had to order online as not available here yet so shipping added a lot to the price. Was brilliant for pace control but I really struggled to line it up from 10 feet and in. Also never got used to the sound, it's odd sounding at best. The science behind these is sound though and it is nigh on impossible to mishit a putt. I've since gone down the Edel route so probably won't go back to the Cure but they are at least trying something different and worth a look if you can.

  16. I like a high MOI putter. I had a Cure putter but couldn't get over the sound. I now use a SeeMore Giant FGP. It is big with high MOI and makes a much better sound.

  17. Paul G says:

    I ordered the RX3 last spring in 37 inches. Set the lie angle to fit me perfectly, then added a 40 gram weight to the butt end of the grip. This thing is a BEAST! My lag putting improved tremendously. Distance control is great. With the high MOI off center hits still roll true. My friends call it the black brick. The changeable weights in the head are also great. If you have a chance to try one do not hesitate. I have dropped 3 strokes a round. This putter plus my Mizuno 2 driving iron has gotten me into the 70's consistently all season. Great putter!

  18. Ornby1 says:

    Mark , please avoid saying "pudder" …

  19. Ronald K says:

    Imagine you'd have to carry that heavy putter on a carrybag… already getting a sore back of the idea haha

  20. dcx45 says:

    Been trying to get them, couldn't find stockists in UK?

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