Creating wedge shots! Golf Vlog with Bobby Lopez, PGA PART 3


Playing Golf with Bobby Lopez, PGA at Pendelton Golf Club, outside of Richmond VA. Bobby can get you a special BBG rate to play there if you email him.

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21 responses to “Creating wedge shots! Golf Vlog with Bobby Lopez, PGA PART 3”

  1. HapaOhio says:

    I don't understand why golfers don't use an 8 or 9 iron at 97 yards more often with a half swing and let it roll to the pin. Just because pro golfers use a 52 degree wedge for the same shot doesn't mean it's a better strategy. And to call a 97 yard, 9 iron chip shot an "old man shot" is like saying Rick Barry was an old woman for using the under-hand style free throws in Basketball. It's unconventional but it works!

  2. I wanna hear that joke so bad but I understand why you took it off, people are so easily offended these days.

  3. Brendon thanks so much for asking Bobby about that I really appreciate it. I think he's dead on with the "more lift" I'm going to have to "nag it into submission". The combo of lifting while you turn makes absolute perfect sense, Bobby is an awesome teacher he makes things SO SIMPLE. I'm hitting the range tonight I have to shoot some videos so I can take advantage of the free analysis he gives out. Can't believe I haven't done it already….

    thanks again.

  4. I wish I had Bobby playing beside me.

  5. Chris Koumas says:

    Great Video as always Brendan..

  6. nice tutorial .chdck mh channel

  7. Good partnership, don't necessarily agree with all his swing philosophy but love is knowledge of playing around the course, but like I said, yous guys work well together, refreshing to see a wiser guy than some of the giggling younger guys that dick around on the course

  8. cryogene says:

    Brendon, to my untrained eye your swing "looks" way less herky-jersey listening to Bobby than the other coaches.

  9. You pull those shots because your shoulders rotate before your hands get the club head moving. I do the same thing. To change it I am doing the Mike Malaska stuff you had on the channel recently. When I do it right it is awesome. I just have years worth of neural pathways to break through before I can make it the thing I do rather than the thing I think.

  10. I disagree with the USGA. You are more of a show host, certainly not making a living giving lessons or teaching. That would be like telling Jim Nance that he couldn't play as an amateur.

  11. Brenden my husband loves your videos and really likes Bobby.

  12. Robbie White says:

    What if you legally put the funds made into someone else's name? Or into an LLC? Would you be ok then? Like what if I started a golf channel and all proceeds went to St Jude?

  13. Jerry Moore says:

    I am 70 years old and I hit most of my pitches and chips with a pitching wedge.I am very consistent at running the ball up to the hole. It doesn't look fancy but it helps me score.

  14. MJ Scott says:

    Bobby is an awesome guy. Great video Brendan !

  15. proguy747 says:

    Club face closed on wedge shot

  16. Tony Tanti says:

    Bobby is such a solid guy….always complimenting your swing and telling you how amazing you hit the ball…makes Brendan play better

  17. Aj DeCosta says:

    Bobby is a great guy

  18. Hey man. New subscriber- just noticed you said you started late in golf and I started at 23 (just over a year ago). Wondering what your handicap is or how you typically score? It's cool seeing how good you can get even as a late starter

  19. Tony Tanti says:

    so Brendan after all your lessons do you start your swing like GG's and fire the hips or Monte and fire with the right hand. I seem to alternate whenever I start to hit it bad

  20. This bloke is a legend Brendan

  21. Ian Jones says:

    I agree with Bobby…the USGA's position is way out-of-date…yes, you're making money from golf, but it's indirect – in other words, you aren't PLAYING for money, which to me is the key position….but, they did the same thing to Bobby Jones when he made those shorts in the early 30s – he simply declared himself a professional and that was that.

    They had a mini-tour stop last weekend at Diamondhead, MS where I play last weekend – the Emerald Coast tour. The scores weren't out-of-sight – you could definitely compete with them…hell, I could too, at least there, on a course I know very well.

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