Cool Clubs Tour Fitting at Grayhawk Golf Club


Experience The Complete Outdoor Tour Fitting
The golf industry’s leading custom club fitting company is now offering a complete game fitting experience. If you have ever dreamed of getting a total game make-over in one day, now is your chance with our Complete Outdoor Tour Fitting.
Beginning at Cool Clubs Headquarters, your current equipment’s loft, lie, length, shaft frequency, and swing weight will be measured. You will then go through a putter fitting on our innovative private “Tour Level” putter studio where your stroke is analyzed by eight different high speed cameras. After your putter fitting, you will be transported to Grayhawk Golf Club to continue your fitting outdoors.
Your outdoor session will begin with a performance evaluation, where you will hit shots from a number of pre selected stations. This process will help your fitter understand your overall game and areas where improvement is needed. You will then go through a Driver, Long Game, Iron, and in-depth wedge fitting. Once all the fittings are completed, you will be transported back to our Headquarters where your fitter will go over all pertinent information and make recommendations on the best equipment for your game. Lastly, you will receive a tour of our state-of-the-art facility and see where your clubs will be built.
This is the premier club fitting experience that is available at Cool Clubs.
Call now at (888) 284-9292 for more information and to set up your complete outdoor club fitting experience. You’ll be on your way to enjoying an incredible golf experience.


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