Comparing A 7 Iron Swing With A Driver Swing


In this video golf tip, Australian PGA Golf Professional,Brian Fitzgerald “The Golf Doctor” compares a 7 iron swing with that of a Driver. Many golfers think that a golf driver swing vs iron swing are very different.

In my 32 years plus of delivering golf instruction to golfers of all levels. This is one of the most misunderstood parts of golf.

In fact they are very similar. The set up and ball position are different but the golf swing should be very similar. You hit a driver from a golf tee and this means your ball position should be forward in your golf stance. Your 7 iron is usually played from the grass so the ball position should be close to the middle of your stance.

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One response to “Comparing A 7 Iron Swing With A Driver Swing”

  1. fitzygolfpro says:

    One thing I should have said in the video is when you look at my position at the top of my back swing with my driver my left heel is slightly off the ground. This has allowed me to create more turn on the back swing compared to the 7 iron where my left heel is flat on the ground.

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