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http://www.4golfonline.com Mark Crossfield hits the Cobra S3 irons, see how the black headed Cobra S3 irons feel, look and preform. Cobra golf now Puma have started their new partnership together with a powerful set of golf irons in the Cobr S3.


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  1. Phil McCrea says:

    Hey. Bought these a while back and love hitting them too, at the minute im trying to get my hands on a 4 iron ir a couple of s3 hybrids if anyone can help me out. Love the video by the way. Some of your tips etc r really good

  2. Bought a slightly used set off eBay last summer, put in some Project X shafts and they perform quite well! I like the "gunmetal" finish too.

  3. Shane Jones says:

    I got them and I have fell in love with them very controllable and good distance loads of height for me which is quite bad haha love your videos keep more coming 😀

  4. Billy Roy says:

    1st off, love ur video's mark. i play the s3 and i like them ive only been seriously playing for about a year. when i got fit for them i tryed the burners and just didnt like how they felt. Ive been very happy they are very forgiving and long. have never had any problem getting loft with em. dont think ill stay with cobra for my next set as i feel ill be ready for more of a players club and i hate the amps. would u do a review on wilson irons? thanks, keep em comn.

  5. Just bought them they are great

  6. HeyItsAsmus says:

    Do you like the s3 or the amp better?

  7. Sgt Pepper says:

    No 4 irons on ebay at the moment

  8. Sgt Pepper says:

    Does anyone know were i can get a new or used cobra s3 4 iron?

  9. Sir2ube says:

    went and had a go at the B 2.0 & S 3 @ my local pro shop…. the 2.0's are still on the shelf.

  10. my irons and I love them

  11. Hit this club and the burner 2.0 yesterday. they are both 399.99. much prefered the cobra. nice video.

    One thing you didn't point out : the s3 is a lot heavier than the 2.0s you are spot on that they are very similar clubs, however if their is one major differnce the s3 is heavier and in my oppinion more balanced.

  12. Would you chose these over the titleist ap1s?

  13. CCMAR says:

    @HKgolfer132 Taylormade ZTP – AMAZING

  14. Thomas Rix says:

    I’m a 54er rookie, though having scores around hcp 35 now. Need a new club set. Today I’ve tested TM Burner 2.0 vs. Cobra S3. The Burner launches the ball nearly perfectly whatever I misdo but feels dead, no response and no weight showing me when to release. The S3 is a little bit touchy at the first approach, but tells me reliable when to release. Sounds great even when not perfectly hit. Ball flies lower most times, length equal to Burner.
    So it’s forgiving vs. feeling – I prefer the last.

  15. Ich mochte die Callaway RAZR, da sonst die Kobra s4, was denkst du?

  16. Hallo, hcp 34.5gioco 6 Monate mit der Brenner-Mod 2011, bin ich sehr gut, aber ich wollte eine Veränderung, ich provatoi Ping G15, aber ich finde es nicht wegen der großen Feuerstelle, was empfehlen Sie? Hallo

  17. evanovix says:

    I had a fitting session yesterday (tested S3, S3 Max, Callaway Diablo Edge, Razr X and Wilson DI11) The S3 came out as a winner with RazrX as a close second.

    I am a 32 handicapper so I started off with S3 Max, I did not hit these very well, also the clubhead felt abit chunky imo. The S3 had a superior feel to it and I also hit a few soft 7iron shots over 150 meters! 🙂

  18. ben mckenna says:

    mark im 14 i play off 8 but lately i cant stop slicing the ball this last 2 weeks can you make a video on how to get rid of a slice please ??

  19. NovaScene says:

    Oh yeah, 720P!

    I have the Cobra S2 irons, I'm a 33,5hcp and been loving them.

    I had some issues witht the shafts at the beginning because they are longer then usual, but I got used to them.

    I recently tried the S3 irons and found them a lot similar, main differenses being that the S3 felt a bit lighter and lookd a bit smaller. Topline was fien in my eyes. I really really liked the distance I got from them. I recommend them both, the S2 and the S3 great game improvempent clubs.

  20. yankee76 says:


    I bought the jpx800's( non pro) and they seem to have less offset than the other game improvement clubs. Is that just in my mind or is Mizuno using less offset. By the way I bought them after watching your video. They are awesome!! Thank you sir

  21. mcgroogtube says:

    lol, ya the burner is wut i always thought the s3 looked like too, so much alike.

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