Cobra King F6 Driver Review


The Cobra King F6 joins the King family to provide a more adjustable and forgiving driver within the range. The King LTD provides a lower spinning ball flight, with the F6 offering different adjustable variations to provide multiple different ball flight characteristics. The removable 10 gram weighting can be positioned in the front of the driver for a low launching/low spinning flight. Insert the heavier weight in the back of the driver for a higher launching, higher spinning ball flight.

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Watch GolfBox professional Alex Etches review the King F6 driver to its full potential.

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5 responses to “Cobra King F6 Driver Review”

  1. Was wondering what happened to GolfSupportTV. Glad to see you find a new home. Keep up the great work and keep mashing it!

  2. scottpnovak says:

    I just picked this is up and it is everything the review says.  I'm a higher HCP and this is a great driver.  Very forgiving and great distance.  Picked up close to 20-30 yards carry.

  3. Timothy Buma says:

    Can you test the Callaway 816??

  4. ESikora12 says:

    I've had the LTD in the bag in place of last years fly-z+ for a couple weeks and really like everything about it, especially the feel and overall step forward in performance for me. Will this one be somewhat similar to the + last year or should I give it a go to see if it can improve on my LTD that I'm liking so far? I played my + in the rear weight setting which bumped the spin up a bit but gave me needed launch and MOI improvement, curious if this will do the same. If so, the lower spin and good MOI of the LTD may win out for me.

  5. Aussie Mike says:

    Are you able to change from yards to meters or are you limited to just one? Would be cool to know both.

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