Cobra Golf ZL Driver | Reviewed


http://www.4golfonline.com/cobra-golf-m-8.html The Cobra ZL Driver featuring inter-changeable head settings. Mark Crossfield hits the new driver to show you what he thinks of the new Cobra Driver for 2009/10


12 responses to “Cobra Golf ZL Driver | Reviewed”

  1. peter webber says:

    do you sing aswel ?

  2. zed el? what are you saying man its ZL 2 letters ZEE EL

  3. chachifeere says:

    Picked this driver up for 150 bucks in really good condition. ive been struggling with hitting my driver, but used it for the first like and the ball launches off the club. played first rd withg it it one drive 290 dead straight and one 310 with some down hill roll. for some how does it the ball that straight i was very happy with this driver. feels nice and solid at impact too, not like some TM drivers where it feel like your hittng rocks. nice eay to hit

  4. ArmyRob13 says:

    I hit this driver at a demo today and a few balls haven't even landed yet. I ordered one for myself and will report back half way through the summer with a report card.

  5. @mike1234145 why would you want to spend $400 on this driver when you have a 23 handicap i think this equipment wont help you if you dont have the game to go with it. So work on your swing first

  6. zed l? not z l and between this driver and the taylormade r9 which one would be longer and feel better off of the face?

  7. scottyray12 says:

    @4golfonline between the S2 and the ZL which one picked up the most yards? Great reviews by the way

  8. the music is by myself, do you like it it is a small part of one of my songs.

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