Cobra Fly-Z Driver Review


Cobra Fly-Z Driver Review
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27 responses to “Cobra Fly-Z Driver Review”

  1. Cal Hughes says:

    Recently picked mine up from AG for £140 roughly, what a great great club. Absolutely love it!

  2. Jeffrey Yee says:

    I may have to get this driver

  3. emma French says:

    ~ Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver – Black, the Fly-Z+ Driver is their first ever front & back CG adjustable driver to deliver your ultimate distance get it here! . http://shrsl.com/?~crf5

  4. Mate, you punish that ball

  5. Tyler Jacob says:

    just got this today for $179

  6. I just ordered the orange on on eBay, feeling pumped

  7. 40Rouge says:

    Just got this on ebay for $138 shipped. I can't imagine a better bang for the buck. This thing is a cannon, and very forgiving. I love waiting until new clubs come out and watching prices drop on perfectly great equipment.

  8. Fozcycle says:

    Great Review…….have you considered throwing up the numbers for the BioCell vs the FlyZ? Would love to see your comparison.

  9. Rick Hello from the USAIve been with Titelist 910 and 915 D3 drivers but have been looking for a change. Fine drivers but inconsistant for me. Ive went to my local golf shop and tried all the popular ones. All ok but none impressed me over what I had. I watched this review of the Flyz went and gave it a try and loved it. Bought it on the spot. Got out yesterday and hit it at the range for the first time and it was outstanding. Easy to hit and long.. Im very happy with my purchase. I have never concidered Cobra Im so impressed with the quality of their clubs.Thanks for the reviewBill

  10. Just bought this driver…..The best driver I've ever hit and I bought it for $209.00

  11. I love this driver thanks Rick!!!

  12. Ray S says:

    Hi Rick, purchased this driver yesterday, tried all sorts of other brands and this was consistently straighter and further ! Thanks for your video's, I was able to get the right club !

  13. tillsy23 says:

    My next driver I think.
    I love how cobra keeps the multiple color choices, that's part of the enjoyment I get from the game, nice looking gear that suits my taste adds to the whole experience of playing some good golf

  14. Going to shop tomorrow to test these bad boys out

  15. Brad Renner says:

    ricky fowler brought me here

  16. Love your videos keep it up! Can you possibly do a review on the fly z fairway woods?

  17. Andy Stetson says:

    Rick, love the videos… any chance you could do a comparison between the Bio Cell and Fly-Z drivers?  As well as Bio Cell+ and Fly-Z+?  Thanks!

  18. r smith says:

    If you had to choose between the Fly Z or the Fly z +?  What is your opinion on the stock shaft? 5 handi  My swing speed avg 105. In the past stock Matrix stiff shaft seemed whippy to me. Any feelings? Thank you

  19. grumpy2159 says:

    Good review Rick. Can you get Dobby to give it a go so we can see the average Joe's numbers? Thanks

  20. I love the look of this

  21. Rick I love your club tests and reviews and club comparisons – any chance you might do some videos for the ladies? Similar to your club test with your 13 handicap student? I know everyone wants to see a guy hit the ball 320 yards but there is so little info around for the female golfers. Something that might give us an idea of which clubs might really help those of us with considerably slower swing speeds. Thanks!

  22. You should do a fun video when u take a callaway or ping driver from 2000 to the year 2005 and compare it to its new counterpart (2015) love the vids and this driver keep up the good work

  23. carl stewart says:

    You really love Taylor made though rick is there a reason for this mate ? You do hit titileist really well but don't use it mate any reason ? More tests off cam haha

  24. ESikora12 says:

    Finally! I'm Cobra through the set and currently game the Bio Cell Pro or Bio Cell + driver depending on the day. Good to hear the standard did well, looking forward to the + results! Too bad Cobra is one of the last to the market. I'm a believer that they had some of the most underrated stuff out last season and am hoping they deliver again this year.

  25. What happens if you pull out the weight and hit another 5 balls?
    Would it be like moving the weight forward in the Fly Z +  ?

  26. Not that I'm cynical, but I wish you didn't buy into the speed pocket/ turbulator/ 360 face cup technology etc etc American marketing bullshit.

    New irons are only going further because they're stronger lofted and longer and I guarantee you could hit a driver from 2005 just as far.

  27. DCSoftley says:

    Looks fantastic! When is your + review out scheduled to be out?

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