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  1. Jacob Ball says:

    If you stripped out all the repetition, it would be a 4 minute video, not a 9.5 minute one. Truly, it's OK to say something once and know that people will get what you're saying 🙂

  2. Thomas Ousby says:

    Rick you're a funny guy, hinting you want a set of wedges is one thing, specifying colours too haha funny guy!

  3. I always used to be a Cleveland wedge player, have gone to Mizuno last few years but needing a change. These will definitely be on the radar now.

  4. JD Chilton says:

    Rick should also review the new srixon driver

  5. Joe Perez says:

    You sold me on the JPX 900s, and now you're doing a number on me with these. You should be working at one of the PGA TOUR Superstores! ^_^

  6. pleadguitar says:

    cobra king PUR review coming?

  7. I've got 58/54/50 my first ever Cleveland wedges and they sit nice with my Callaway gear brilliant feel great review as always

  8. Rick they are brilliant I've always had Mizuno wedges but love these so much 👍👍

  9. metamurph says:

    I still find it interesting that all their top guys play RTX 2 wedges not 3's. What did you think of the simple grind options and the turf interaction?

  10. Rick, did you add the clips of you literally taking notes just in case we didn't believe you?
    Well…I believe you now. 🙂 Keep you the good work.

  11. Ben Marshall says:

    Can you do another what's in my bag Rick?

  12. fezzer says:

    Face looks like rtx 1.

  13. I wonder if these wedges and for that matter the SM6 wedges are cast or forged. Normally companies can't wait to tell you how unique their forging process is but there isn't a single word on the Cleveland or Titleist webpages about how these clubs are made. Have they been charging us forged prices all these years for cast clubs…?

  14. The best of the video was the joke hahaah

  15. I Switched from Vokeys and I don't believe there's a better wedge in the market right now. They feel super soft, have more spin, I hit a little further, look great at address, and the groves seem to be holding up.

  16. I use these wedges and I don't feel like I get enough spin from them around the green

  17. Frankie Ngo says:

    Hey Rick, good review, but I heard you mention on another video that the Ping Glide 2.0s were the best feeling wedges. What is your take on the pros and cons between the RTX-3s and the Glide 2.0s, and which comes out on top?

  18. Eoin m says:

    rick im not sure if youve seen them zenn balls that are being advertised have you tried them?

  19. GiZmoFuz says:

    do a new whats in the bag for 2017

  20. I tested these when they first came off. Soooooo soft. Like butter.

  21. Adam Choi says:

    I tried Cleveland hungtington putter as well. and they are more consistent and feel better than most major putters like Scotty, ping, Taylor made and other putters

  22. I got this in a 58 F grind mainly due to custom fit options. Got the KBS Tour 90 shaft and 1 degree upright. I always find stock S300 shafts too stiff and heavy for a wedge

  23. Have 3 of them in the bag now and couldn't be happier with them!

  24. Great review, I think you sold me on replacing my old cleveland cg12s. These appeal to me, like some of the others, as they don't have anything carved into the back. This is a reason why I am not fussed on the Callaway MD3s.

    Thanks Rick!

  25. Hey Rick – on your coming wedge reviews please do Ping Glide 2.0. Especially ES grind. I want a new 60 and am torn between RTX3 and Glide 2.0. Thanks!

  26. 2Bad4u says:

    The RTX-3 wedges are without doubt the finest wedges that I've ever owned/gamed. You simply can not go wrong with these babies. As Rick already mentioned the feel is fantastic and the 2 dot soles (medium bounce) simply work in all turf conditions. Such a fun club. If you haven't already done so do your self a favour and try to demo these wedges.

  27. Alan Parr says:

    I hv been waiting for this Cleveland wedge review. Titleist, TM, Callaway and even Mizuno hv come out with very good wedges but as you said Rick.., hands down on Cleveland wedges. They are the BEST. I am playing 2 yr old Cleveland wedges but it's time to buy all new Cleveland wedges.., 50, 56 & 60. Ok.., time to tell the wife. If I'm not back in a few days.., someone pls call the police.

  28. Howie Land says:

    What's the groove durability, generally, between cast and forged wedges? I assume forged are a softer metal that would wear out faster.

  29. Thomas says:

    Rick your game is looking really well rounded from what I've seen on your latest videos(been watching since 2013). I have a lot of videos to catch up on but keep moving forward and doing YOU, you've always been a natural on camera and your reviews/lessons are among the best there is. Loving the new style of content. Cheers from Texas 🙂

  30. Malcolm A. says:

    Good review Rick
    Have to agree with you, these wedges look great

  31. Kris Quaas says:

    over or under 2 weeks before rick has a full set of these in his bag? I also agree with the review that I loved the feel and consistency but the head felt heavy which I was ok with.

  32. Hi rick goin on your insta story your punching sunshine.

  33. kevin berry says:

    be cool to see the new cobra king pur wedges, suppose to be mnit

  34. Strad 4321 says:

    Rick Shiels. The emotional golfer.

  35. DINERO says:

    scoops the ball up with the 60 and keeps the convo going DAMN U RICK! lmaoooooooooo

  36. Rick, got a set myself — couldn't agree more. I've never hit wedges that feel so soft/solid. I can't imagine switching.

  37. We understand you take notes on the course, we don't need to see a shot of you writing down your notes

  38. baseballsux says:

    hey guys can i get free likes i just got hit with a 7 iron in the fucking face

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