Classic! Tiger Woods 2002 Masters Golf Highlights


Classic! Tiger Woods 2002 Masters Golf Highlights from 1 Step to Better Golf http://www.1steptobettergolf.com. Watch more videos featuring golf instruction tips, beautiful women golfers, golf music videos, and funny golf bloopers from the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour and Asian Tour. Featured professionals include Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson, Jordan Spieth, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Michelle Wie, Lydia Ko, Tiger Woods, Lexi Thompson, Ben Hogan and more. Featured tournaments include the Masters, US Open, British Open, and more.

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22 responses to “Classic! Tiger Woods 2002 Masters Golf Highlights”

  1. TheKing says:

    I think Tiger will put ol greeny on one more time!

  2. Some people don't realize how good tiger woods was

  3. Goodspeed says:

    Never should've switched from those Titleist clubs XD

  4. Krazy Uncle says:

    Any chance you could upload the final round of the 2002 Masters?

  5. Edmund Sayed says:

    Thanks for the videos you have posted, I have always enjoyed the manner in which he played, the positive approach

  6. John Luhrman says:

    what was that song playing at the end?

  7. Duke Cougar says:

    This vintage tiger stuff is awesome. Keep them coming.

  8. Nealson454 says:

    Got to love that swing.

  9. jakethemuss3 says:

    He use to take the club back wide and far away from his body. Was a perfect swing. Now it's a whipping type motion, and nowhere near as effective.

  10. Keep up the early 2000 vids, I can watch them all day!

  11. Never getting that back

  12. jays24 says:

    The good old tiger

  13. Sam Manning says:

    I love your channel. Please keep posting vintage tiger videos.

  14. I love watching Jordan Speith & Co. tear it up nowadays but watching Tiger play golf (before the incident) is like watching Mozart compose music.
    He was on a different level. It's just plain fun to watch.

  15. Juan Mejia says:

    This has the music and lighting of a softcore 80s porno

  16. samuel smith says:

    When the carrerbuilder challenge is over can you do one on Jamie licensed please?

  17. Chaser Q says:

    So effortless go back to this shit tiger

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