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15 responses to “CALLAWAY APEX CF16 v XR IRONS”

  1. I don't see why basically anyone couldn't use Apex especially 7i to AW.

  2. J. 4NASH says:

    apex does have cup face tech in it. lol they wouldn't put cf on it if it didn't lol

  3. Seeing the individual carry distances would be helpful determining shot dispersion. Knowing whether an iron is going to fly consistent distances is at least as important as the average distance.

  4. Terry Young says:

    Original Poster I'm guessing you hit the Apex CF-16's with the stocked XP 95 shafts correct? With the Dynamic Gold S300 shafts gamed for better players that would have a bit higher swing speeds takes this club to a new level. This iron should be longer than the XR's and more of a Players Choice while being extremely easy to hit.. Which shaft's did you hit…?

  5. I have never played Callaway clubs but have been thinking of getting some but not sure if Callawy iron s are very good..
    I have tested the Apex. Whats your thoughts. Apex or XR I am a 10 handicap.

  6. Chip McGee says:

    I have owned both the Apex CF16 (with Project X 6.0 shafts) and XR Irons (with KBS Tour V 90 stiff shafts). I am an 11 handicap and was looking for something that would be a little more forgiving and would also give me a more distance. Without a doubt the XR irons are longer and more forgiving. I went from hitting the Appex 5 iron 185 yds to hitting the XR 5 iron 195 yds. And the forgiveness was certainly noticeable on mishits. The feel of the Appex is better because they are a forged club versus a cast steel club, but you can't deny the overall distance and forgiveness of the XR irons. Yes, the XR's are louder and somewhat 'clicky' as you can hear in the video, but I am looking to improve my game so I bought the XR irons, played with them about 6 times before selling my Appex irons in favor of the XR irons. So you if you are tying to decide between the two clubs, this might help.

  7. henny says:

    APEX the new word for Club

  8. Erik Newman says:

    What iron lofts are you using? I'm going to guess 7 or 6 iron. I must've missed that part in the video if it was mentioned. Great comparison though

  9. Javed Mower says:

    do we possibly think the spin numbers for the apex would be better and hold greens more so than the xr? personally I struggle to get clubs spinning the right number and hence have nippon 980gh in my srixon z545 even though I have a driver swing speed near 100 and should technically be playing stiff shafts I find a heavier stiff shaft combined with some iron heads I just can't generate the spin. to me the 6500rpm of the apex for a 7 iron seems near perfect??

  10. 99johnmatrix says:

    The apex does gave cup face, hence the cf in the name

  11. Bobby Curtis says:

    When you did your review on the Apex you got better distance out of it as you said in this video, the reason I say this I bought a set of Callaway XR irons then fell into a little bit of a windfall so I went in and got custom fit and wound up getting the Callaway Apex CF 16 irons because I was hitting them so much better and farther. I gave the XR irons to my grandson but I compared the on the range just to be sure and I am getting a better distance out of the Apex..

  12. Corey Grimm says:

    I have been playing the XR's for about 6 months. As seen in the video they are very "clicky" loud as mentioned in video. I was curious about forgiveness between the two to see where the new Apex fit vs. the XR. Interesting numbers from the review. I can vouch for distance gains with the XR's. I now hit my 7 where I used to hit my 6 which is nice. However, I would prefer the mat finish and less "clicky" sound at impact…but cant sacrifice 10 yds distance loss. Thanks again for the review very helpful to see some numbers and live shots.  P.S. One note to add, the Apex CF16 have the 360 Cup face vs. Apex Pro 16 Forged DO NOT have cup 360.

  13. Brilliant point you make about how the XR probably goes through the wind a little better in this test, purely because of the wind on the day, and is a huge lesson for anyone getting fit, that raw numbers mean absolute jot, and that's it's all about particularly playing conditions that can have a far bigger effect on results than raw numbers ever can. On a related note, going and getting fit outside with proper golf balls is absolutely paramount, indoor fittings are a nonsense, unless the person being fitted is only intent on playing the game indoors!

    You make some great relevant points in this vid Alistair! Keep it up!

  14. Feesh says:

    Could you make a video on the differences between steel and graphite shafts? I'm interested in in buying the XR Irons with graphite shafts because they're lighter and I hit them about 10-15 yards further than steel shafts, but my brother insists on me buying steel shafted irons.

  15. Excellent review again Alistair – thank you. I now have a bit of a dilemma in that I really like and prefer the look of the Apex but as a priority I am looking for some extra distance over my current Mizuno MP54 irons. Looks like the XR has the distance edge. Decisions decisions!

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