Callaway Apex CF16 Iron


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Review of the Callaway Apex CF16 Iron by Award winning PGA Professional Matthew Conner, his most recent awards ‘Golf Foundation PGA Professional of the year 2009’, ‘Scarborough & District Sports Coach of the Year 2010’ and former PGA Rookie of the year.


26 responses to “Callaway Apex CF16 Iron”

  1. Glad you're back! Looking forward for your thoughts on the Apex Pro'16. Tried the cf 16 and pro
    16 this week on flightscope monitor and thought they were both easy to hit. The CF was very long …,but maybe too long because the spinrate dropped a bit down and that could perhaps give problems stopping the ball on the green. Really like the recoil stiff shaft…gives great feedback and control. Tomorrow a real fitting session…so maybe instead of mizuno MP the Apex next season 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. Eric Davis says:

    Love to see that Apex Pro '16 review!

  3. cwugrad396 says:

    He's Back. Good Lad

  4. Erik Newman says:

    Good to see you back! I really like these clubs. Almost make me want to sell my VR Pro Combos for these!

  5. Look just like the XR irons. Just changed the name

  6. Thanks for the review. Looks like a nice iron.

  7. Station 2 says:

    glad this dude is back….

  8. sledge1960 says:

    Good to have you back Matthew – simple no nonsense club reviews.

  9. Lol you're playing to much golf haha welcome back 😉

  10. Jinhua Shi says:

    Hi Matthew! Great you are back! Could you pls review some more irons such as Srixon Z745 and Bridgestone J15CB. Thanks!

  11. mark l says:

    Good to see you back

  12. I've seen like 10 videos that "Forgiveness" Callaway Sticker you put on the club face. What's it called? "fairs too"? "First tip"? Could you please share thanks!

  13. He's back! Thanks Matthew! Looking forward to loads of new content 🙂

  14. BigBlueMSP says:

    Welcome Back Matthew

  15. Adam Flynn says:

    where have u been? naughty boy!!!!!

  16. Hoppy1973 says:

    "Ohh yes" Matthew is back 😃

  17. Stanters1967 says:

    OOOOPS…lol, good to see you back. Informative and entertaining as always.

  18. Jonbek says:

    I want a good deal on the old Apex Matthew can you deliver

  19. Mickey Wong says:

    Good to see u back and your left sided tape-thought u might have got through that by now!

  20. Welcome back matthew, missed you. These are a bit chunky for my taste, I prefer the Apex Pros. Not keen on irons with stronger lofts 😉

  21. donballe says:

    welcome Matthew!

  22. Rob S says:

    Welcome back! Hope all is well, we've been missing these reviews!

  23. emac417 says:

    Welcome back Matthew!

  24. ramoine35 says:

    Nice to see you back, nice review!

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