Bubba Watson’s Spectacular Golf Shots 2015 Travelers PGA Tournament


Bubba Watson’s Spectacular Golf Shots 2015 Travelers PGA Tournament from 1 Step to Better Golf http://www.1steptobettergolf.com. Watch more videos featuring golf instruction tips, beautiful women golfers, golf music videos, and funny golf bloopers from the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour and Asian Tour. Featured professionals include Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson, Jordan Spieth, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Michelle Wie, Lydia Ko, Tiger Woods, Lexi Thompson, Ben Hogan and more. Featured tournaments include the Masters, US Open, British Open, and more.

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32 responses to “Bubba Watson’s Spectacular Golf Shots 2015 Travelers PGA Tournament”

  1. They are giving away a set of TaylorMade clubs at sites.google.com/site/9d399b9d64

  2. They are giving away a set of TaylorMade clubs at sites.google.com/site/9d399b9d64

  3. Korya Iine says:

    What a terribly edited opening

  4. 0:57 Hunter Mahan in the background just taking some notes

  5. When Bubba is in this form he's playing a different game to everyone else.

  6. Vey Narbz says:

    i gotta shake my head at all these shots. makes it look so easy

  7. HMG KRL says:

    at 05:45 did someone say "taste the rainbow"?

  8. Pedro Smith says:

    I can't watch his swing, it's exactly what I don't want to do. Somehow he makes it work, I can't play golf from left to right

  9. maskenmakkan says:

    his name dosnt fit with his looks… i want bubba to be a overweight man with colorful clothes lol

  10. Fucking inbreds yelling "bubba boeeey' in the background. Yes, we all know it's a reference, enough with it already.

  11. Silverado4x4 says:

    I still remember the day he became My favorite golfer on tour. I think he had just got on PGA tour and had never saw him play but heard people talk about golfer named Bubba that could crush the ball and that we were same age. My best friend & me went on Golfing trip to Chicago and that weekend there was a PGA event in Milwaukee and we had never been to PGA Event I think Corey Pavine won it but we went on Fri. I think I looked in pamplet telling all golfers Tee-Times & saw his name and told buddy we got to check him out we got there little before he started and on the range about everyone was hitting it to fence at end of range except Bubba he was going over it. I think he only had hot pink shaft still with black head at this time. We followed for bunch holes then got tired and sat at 1 of holes for few hours I think 17 we saw Bubba play it and knew 18th hole they were doing long drive on it don't know if giving away anything like charity 4 man games and w d saw quite a few players go through and crossing area was about area most players were landing and some roll little ways I think the longest we had saw was 320 yards it had good roll so we figured Bubba Would win it from what we had saw and heard about him. He gets up and he tattooed it and we were watching thinking it will hit around were others rolled out and many sand filled divots were then we finally saw ball and you could tell it different and then it finally landed probably good 25-30 yards farther up on the raised hill with maybe 5 yd roll if that everyone was laughing it was so much further and I think when they put distance on score board that had all names and distances of course Bubba now at top and I think it said 365 yds. and dead center of fairway. After that he became my favorite golfer. It wasn't one of big tourneys so didn't get to see any of other guys like Phil or Tiger and way before alot of these young guys that play now adays. Only person I ever saw that had distance anything near that was when John Daly came and played in the Minor League golf version at The Knoxville Open he played it 2 years in a row.

  12. Munch says:

    Doesn't bubba ever hit a straight shot lol

  13. Cakeface 88 says:

    Rooster on the fairway at 2:27

  14. Big Rip says:

    my gawd. sounds like the ball is just splat when he hits it

  15. camera like this vid busy xD

  16. 4:27. The guy in the black shirt with the umbrella.

  17. 5:34 led zeppelin reference lol

  18. 4:55 good flight ball and cheer up sound LOL 555555

  19. hearts76100 says:

    Never had a lesson completely self taught ! Bubba was beamed down from space ! Lol

  20. Jørgen says:

    bubba, bubba, yeah bubba.

  21. Bubba is my 4 year old son's favorite pro.

  22. 2:28 people with good eyes jizzed a little

  23. Anthony Ryan says:

    4:40 "Taste the rainbow" ?

  24. Lan Chiau says:

    Some said the ball still rolling….

  25. Dev says:

    Love the golf, but can't stand those fucking mongs all yelling random shit.

  26. "Taste the rainbow."

  27. Ryan Cole says:


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