Best Putt Putt at Putter’s Pride Mini Golf Course Colorado


Best Mini Golf Courses in Denver, CO – “Putter’s Pride” has 54 Holes (3) 18 Hole Putt Putt Golf Courses, each scenic and with challenges that make this course fun to play..!
More Fun at: http://www.YouTube.com/AboutColorado
DEAL! $10 gets you all you can play (leave and come back) to whoop up on your friends and family..! Tiger woods eat your heart out..!
A Dragon Lives Here, Dinosaurs roam the Golf Course, King Kong is yearning to climb in.. Beware the Graveyard and enjoy the Windmills..!
Location: Kipling & Hwy 285 (Hampden)
More Fun at: http://www.YouTube.com/AboutColorado
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