(Best Long Drive Golf Lesson Ever) Hit Your Driver 400 yards


Let Sandy Jamieson teach you how to hit your driver better and further than Tiger. Don’t kid yourself any longer learn how to hit the ball further than ever. There are lots of tossers out there and I am one of them, but hey you have to laugh at yourself. forget the best golfers in the world this is about you the club golfer who works for a living


33 responses to “(Best Long Drive Golf Lesson Ever) Hit Your Driver 400 yards”

  1. a hop says:

    Key to hitting the driver over 300 yards: Flexibility and athletism, hit the gym and regular stretches.

  2. Moral of the video "you can't hit it far, don't dream of it"

    lol bruh

  3. Lance Graff says:


  4. Salman Javed says:


    If you were even serious to tell how pussy you were to waste time of the world & Aliens if they were watching ya from out there…………EAT HIM ALLIGATOR!!!!

  5. best validation of real golf ever. This was enjoyable and it didn't contain any hype

  6. Steve Perry says:

    Thank fuck! Brilliant video mate. Very good indeed.

  7. Billy Graham says:

    I was going to say, 400 yards??? . . . what, work-out??? Indeed, I hit driver about 275 yards at sea level, with pro-v1. I only swing about 102mph (with driver), according to the Roger Dunn (golf shop) swing analyzer. And what is wrong with a 275 yard drive??? There isn't but a few very long par 5 holes I cannot reach in 2 strokes. And as to the longest par 5's, it is just a little chip to get the rest of the distance, and a short putt to maybe get a birdie. Consistency so much more important than anything else. And I get great joy watching the longest drivers (big guys) sweat to try to keep up with me as I plunk them down the middle. And, I don't lose any balls!!! And, I am putting for a birdie, A LOT.

    And I would add, how the hell do I hit 275 all the time (at sea level, longer at elevation), with a 102mph driver clubhead speed, and pros that hit that far are said to have, oh, say, about 110mph driver clubhead speed??? Are they shitting us about pro clubhead speed??? I would say so, that is, exaggerating about 7 or 8 mph. Also makes me think that the pro's get slightly illegal equipment — the juiciest balls of any batch, mainly.

  8. Hahahah thanks mate. I like the technique though. Thanks for the video

  9. Yet the worlds longest drive recird is 437 yards

  10. 238 for a golf pro sweet Jesus dude that's awful even if you hit it awful it will ATLEAST go 250 if you don't hit it 250 something is fundamentally wrong with your swing go get it checked and the biggest tip for you is check your grip

  11. That's hilarious, except people have hit it 400 yards legit so it obviously is possible, so imo not the best way going about it.

  12. genocide311 says:

    LOL hit it twice!! Hahaha. Good plot twist there, mate.

  13. TinDrum says:

    Cool video man, made me laugh

  14. Honza C says:

    Mate, u r legend :-))))))))) Good on ya. All the people watching this goes Ahhhh thats how u do it…..

  15. TreyWK says:

    there is one other way for a normal person to hit a 400-yard drive this is the key listen up everybody go to the golf course on a very very windy day lol

  16. ajh21313 says:

    Like you vid! Quick question, how do approach hitting a 3 wood off the deck?

  17. Frank Davies says:

    Great video, absolute common sense.

  18. Daniel Noble says:

    just to let you know I'm hitting 285 to 300 with a 3 wood don't believe me come to greens at lake side village in Fayetteville Arkansas and I'll gladly show you

  19. jB murc says:

    I've been averaging around 290-300 yards 16 HC not that hard 110mph swing speed 9deg PING G30 1.44 smash factor….

  20. Joshua luras says:

    hahaha… hit it twice!!

  21. Pronder k says:

    shut up fk head, I can hit 300

  22. And the award for the most honest video on YouTube goes to…(drum roll)…!! Spot on mate! Great video👍

  23. Mike Coleman says:

    Drive for show, putt for dough!
    I learned this a long time ago.

  24. WAYNE says:

    Very interesting video Sandy. What is your Handicap ??

  25. Tom Scott says:

    Best golfing video I've seen. Great stuff Bro!

  26. f says:

    Finally a fantastic advice and a dose of common sense. I love your video. Forget about the morons here saying they can hit a mile when they are either 15year old cunts, or 40plus years old farts. They are better typing crap than learning a good lesson. I say keep up the great work.

  27. Aaron Keogh says:

    r u a farkin aussie cunt?

  28. David Oakes says:

    The man speaks the truth, although 11.5 degrees of loft is a bit of a generalisation. I'm 42, ave driver swing speed around 100 – 105. In theory with the right loft, flex, spin etc I should be carrying 260 -270 max and rolling out to 300 total in the summer. But in reality, I don't use a 105 mph swing on the course, it's probably down around 95 and I go for accuracy not distance, I'm happy if it carries 240 and roles out to 260 – 270. On an average par 4 of say 420 yards, that means I'm having a second shot of around 150 to 170 yards from the fairway, not the rough, which depending on conditions is anything from an easy 5 iron to a ripped 8 iron. Rather than hitting out of god knows what kind of rough and making things worse.

  29. Tom Strybis says:

    this guy is stupid.

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