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36 responses to “BASEBALL IN THE FACE!!”

  1. Hope miss monkey is okπŸ€•πŸ˜˜πŸ˜”

  2. I hope they see this comment but to be honest they suck

  3. Being a softball player I'm a little cringing

  4. Ryan Greer says:

    Come visits Maryland and visit me please eh bee family my hotel is Marigot if you do come I doubt you will but if you do I will tell you the roomnp number when we get there. This Monday and will be there till Friday

  5. I love your channel some of these kid are real jerks and also my name is Andrew Schill it's just that my mom and I have the same Google account.😁⚾️⚾️πŸ₯‡πŸ…πŸŽ†βœ¨πŸŽ‡

  6. It is called a face mask it is supposed to protect your face. I know because I play baseball as a travel player and a all star. As a catcher. And I'm not trying
    to be rude.

  7. She should play softball

  8. Damari Clark says:

    one of these days can come over to play baseball because i play baseball oh and i am 10 years old

  9. If u play tennis, baseball is sooooo much easier, agreed?

  10. Ben Floresca says:

    she thinks that hurt, I am a catcher and I get hit 4 out of 7 times,(I still like you guys and still wish I can see your family some day

  11. MKCubes says:

    0:57. "Nice!" R u kidding me!?!?! I've seen and met kids like his age hit the ball 400 feet and ur calling a swinging bunt nice!!??

  12. MKCubes says:

    0:38, "what is that? A baseball football helmet?" Wtf. Just sad

  13. Daddy bee ever heard of softball that's a softball helmet

  14. You guys suck at baseball

  15. what is the name of the place

  16. Not to be rude but mis monkey is not that good at hitting base balls but other wise she is very good at everything mostly

  17. Biggie says:

    Pickering playing fields?

  18. You gross stop stupid people no more videos for you🀣

  19. lisa keelan says:

    Grounder are not good

  20. papa bee hitting very well

  21. I'm 11 and I already hit 8 home runs on a 250 foot field and these kids can bearly hit the ball 10 feet

  22. Watching these plebs attempting to be athletic is the funniest thing in the world

  23. Terra Bro says:

    I liked that video keep it up.

  24. Golden gamer says:

    tip in baseball dont get hit

  25. Len van Duin says:

    Ready mama BEE and papa BEE and MS monkey and MR monkey

  26. Drone 559 says:

    No wonder why she looks so ugly


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