Amazing Golf Swing Improvement in 90 days


See the story of how Chris G overhauled his golf swing at GolfTEC in just 3 months.


7 responses to “Amazing Golf Swing Improvement in 90 days”

  1. Khaled Foley says:

    Still some problems with this swing, this is not much of a great improvement as you have not fixed the most important parts of his swing which are his over-the-top, take away and back swing. He might have improved by 1-3 strokes but he will still be extremely inconsistent on the golf course, probably also still hits a ton of slices. 

  2. Jared Shears says:

    I watch a lot of golf from PGA tour to LPGA and I see a lot of players that have a gap in their legs at the top. I also see some players that have a bent lead arm at the top. The reason his swing got better he had more pressure through his left side at impact!

  3. That is a beastly back swing. Whoa John Daly?

  4. Tir Crew says:

    right? 3 months? i think this could have been done in a week if not a day.

  5. Earl Kalani says:

    Increase your club head speed and hit it like the pros!

  6. polo942 says:

    numskull ….JACK NICKLAUS had the same back swing "bad elbow" as u called it!! get another job please!!!

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