All The President’s Men


Two reporters trail the Watergate burglary to the doorstep of the White House. Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman star. Three Academy Awards(R) went to this true suspenseful story. MPAA Rating: NOTRATED (c) 1976 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.


5 responses to “All The President’s Men”

  1. andrew cohen says:

    when i was young I never really understood what the big deal was; so he had some spying done. But of course as I grew up and heard his interviews and and points of view that changed. You really need to hear some of his taped recordings to realize how paranoid he was. I guess he did some good things but no president can believe, act, and stand by the statement "If the president does it, it's not illegal" Good movie, has much more meaning to me now.

  2. Jagger M says:

    min 52:40 Guys, all we need is a "deep throat" , an insider willing to talk , and we will bring this entire Rust Belt clusterfu%$ abomination of a presidency crashing down.

  3. hthesmith says:

    Great movie. I hope this happens to Donald Trump.

  4. Harmon Brody says:

    The media had more freedon then with Ben Bradlee and Jack Anderson and Seymour Hersh, wqe do not have those kind of reporters now with the drive to break the stories

  5. Dan Stevens says:

    great movie. stupid Nixon! Of course, now days, the media is completely moronic. Cannot trust any media.

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