A NEW FLAT STICK! + Knott End Pro-AM Review


Quest For The Open – Vlog 93 – In this video I get a new putter and then play in a pro-am at Knott End Golf Club


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43 responses to “A NEW FLAT STICK! + Knott End Pro-AM Review”

  1. It so BS that you have such a balanced, smooth, and effortless swing and you hit every club 75+ yards farther than me

  2. B says:

    What is the song in this video?

  3. Shawn golf says:

    Love the videos! I just picked up a futura 5s earlier this summer and love it!

  4. Daniel G says:

    tf is this music

  5. Matt Leader says:

    Nice knock Pete .. new flat stick could be the one eh!

  6. Your swing looks sweet, better than some of the PGA guys, makes me work harder.

  7. Nederick D says:

    Just wondering if you could recommend some good drivers for a 12 year old golfer that aren't too pricy and our still decent. Currently got my eyes on a ladies Cobra F6 in silver blue colourway . Keep up the good work Pete.

  8. Alan H says:

    Loved the music 🎶 overlay.

  9. jpugolf says:

    Great play Pete. Good to see the results for the hard work your putting in.
    Ending …Arkward!!! Haha.

  10. That end bit, kinda creepy lol

  11. Marc Baker says:

    Just started golf Pete and got my first birdie yesterday 🙂

  12. rossjg says:

    Hi Pete. Love the future putters! Talking of putters is there a relative of yours in Preston who refurbishes putters? Seen his website Chris finch? Was interested in getting some work done 👍🏻

  13. Rob Keyes says:

    Nice song Pete. Who's that??

  14. Tour X fitting prediction guy just hands you the toe up odyssey again

  15. Hope to see your putter fitting with Lee, should be very interesting to hear what he has to say. I've always gone for looks and feel when buying a putter, not that I change that much.

  16. Lees Castle says:

    I'll say hello at Coxmoor GC, at the PGA Assistants, on Friday.

  17. Hey Finch if you move to Arizona you will never have to deal with the rain again. Lol

  18. I love center shafted putters

  19. hung-wen Sun says:

    congrats Peter on the new putter! Happy to see you excited!

  20. Congrats! I am using the same putter and love it. The feel is superb

  21. Andrie K says:

    I spot a new car Pete! baller

  22. Kaleb Vaughn says:

    I love center shafted putters! I own 2 odyssey putters a Scotty and I still use my great grandfathers old Ben hogan Immortal

  23. Aric Adlam says:

    You beat O'neil……. getting closer to your first big win. keep it crackin

  24. Chris I says:

    Great comp round, heading in the right direction, hope for better weather next time. The putter looks amazing, roll 'em in!

  25. Emil Hamady says:

    Looking forward to more video on that sweet Scotty!

  26. TheJarBinks says:

    Really enjoying your golf and video editing.

  27. Sean Hyland says:

    love the video!!! love these little course vlogs!!!!

  28. richv70 says:

    I love this putter!

  29. Pete what was the song in this vlog? Your music choices are awesome!

  30. Clive Newman says:

    That change in your left knee makes your full shots look soooo stable and strong. I think your swing is as good as I've seen it over the the last year or two. Keep it up 👍

  31. mick rimmer says:

    got fitted for same putter and havent looked back 👍🏻

  32. team zissou says:

    i think i may be the same as u Peter. i have used a Ping Anser putter for 30+ years and thought it was the perfect putter. but i tried the Scotty Camerons and settled on the 7M after firstly dismissing it as to different from my PING putter. but what a putter it is.

  33. That driver swing is the stuff dreams are made of! Looking very very good Pete!!!

  34. Disliked only based on your putter selection – booooo lol

  35. Shouldn't it be worst not worse ball scramble?

  36. markevanso82 says:

    Someone is doing alright for themselves judging by that big extension

  37. Mihir U says:


  38. I'm trying to decide between the Futura 5cb and the select Newport I'm left handed so I can't really try putters out what would you say the differences are between the two

  39. Well done Peter I can remember watching you and you had a fang putter you was shit hot with it

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