4 Hole Practice Vlog – Play Aggressive Golf


►Another 4 hole practice vlog, this time trying to play as aggressive as possible. See if you can make birdies or does it lead to bogeys.
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18 responses to “4 Hole Practice Vlog – Play Aggressive Golf”

  1. K4rN1v00L says:

    what camera and mic are you using

  2. Aussie Mike says:

    I'm not sure its aggressive. Where was the fist pumping and shouting…..I think you played really good committed golf. By the way where is the little burglar gone?

  3. Great Vid Andy … bit more aggression on the putts & chips next time.

  4. Roger Musson says:

    Your camera work and sound recording was incredible, superb quality on a windy day. Also, that was a great 10 minutes of golf, and golf commentary.

  5. Really liked the aggressive golf. No guts no glory!

  6. Hi mate. Love the aggressive golf, especially without those idiots you normally play with!!!! Looks quite noticeable that on some shots you steepen the shaft on the way down, is this for shot shape or power ? Most of the talk form on liners is to flatten it a bit on the way down?

  7. MissyLaMotte says:

    hey, you pared the un-par-able par 3 🙂 Well, done. BTW, what's with the facial hair? Please tell me you just forgot to shave and you are not trying to join the bearded YouTube crowd. On behalf of your female viewership: please don't. You are the most handsome of the YouTube golfers. Let's keep it that way 😉

  8. Gerard Funds says:

    Great vid! You should "get after it" more often lol!!

  9. Aj Nawabi says:

    Nice man keep ripping them

  10. Nice fresh approach! Love this aggressive style – Phil style.

  11. Martin T says:

    Something different Andy and I really enjoyed it, hope to see you being more aggressive in the vlogs if you fall behind! I like the Worsley Marriott, I know the par 3 is the signature hole but I always prefer the 8th

  12. Howie Land says:

    Nice slinging draw, Andy! Looks like you're rounding into form for Open qualifying in 2 weeks. Wow, only 2 weeks!

  13. Adam Flynn says:

    sometimes u might need to shoot 3 under in the last 4 to win…may as well go down in flames having a go 👍

  14. Andy, really like these type of Vlogs, enjoy the on course tips very much.

  15. Yep…should have hit the 8

  16. Malcolm A. says:

    I REALLY loved that vlog Andy; brilliant quality.
    Considering how windy it was that was amazing golf you played; absolutely Bang On!

  17. Beach Fraser says:

    Where are your golf buddies ?? Finch and shiels are playing stupid stuff with Seb on golf , getting paid by Draftkings, soooo stupid, ridiculous, making themselves look fookin ridiculous, Fryer??  In the proshop eh?? boring!!! nice vlog!!lol

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