3BaysGSA Pro Golf Swing Analyser Review


3BaysGSA Pro product Golf swing analyser review with Meandmygolf PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman


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  1. David Dumler says:

    Someone got the dress memo wrong, is it blue pants and white shirt day, or white shirt and blue pants day????

  2. George Kim says:

    If the product actually worked it would help!

  3. John Leary says:

    Just bought one and find it doesn't just sinc up- needs some playtime.

  4. Darrell Cove says:

    WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently bought the GSA Pro, worked great at range. Came home to try to import my swings into my laptop for analysis on my 24" screen using the 3BAYS Cloud program and was unsuccessful !! Called customer service and was told THIS FUNCTION IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE ANDROID PHONES JUST IPHONES !!!!!!!! So I'm stuck with limited analysis and screen size and analytics of a 4" galaxy screen and APP.

  5. sounds like he aligned to far to left

  6. Thanks for reviewing this gadget guys. I'm testing it since March 2014. Basically amazing to have it in first place. Imagine driving your car without any information like speed, etc. My average i7 is somewhere 140-150yds, more consistent within the last 30 shots due to changes in swing, however big issue is 80% outside swings based on old (initial) data. Still a good plane, but outside. Will try your tip with relaxing the club in the backswing even further, can send you a screenshot if you like to advice. Hit circa 40000 km distance so far according to synced data from website. 
    Could you make another review comparing typical mistakes vs. what the gadget plots? I find this interface really challenging. 

  7. Bobby Fisher says:

    Have you reviewed the 3Bays Putt analyser?

  8. Shane Hughes says:

    Is your iPad device connected to a wifi connection or a 3G connection?  Does bluetooth work without any of those connections?

  9. jess perkins says:

    It would help of both did NOT talk at the same time.

  10. Tommf97 says:

    Hi, I'm 16 years old playing off a 6 handicap. I've recently joined a gym so my distances and clubhead speed are gradually increasing and as the weather getting a bit warmer I'm completely lost in terms of all my yardages. Would this be worth buying to improve my knowledge of my distances?

  11. Mike H says:

    Would you guys recommend purchasing any of the swing analyser on the market. I understand the physic of ball flight in relation to swing path and club head angle at contact.  But do I really need the analyser to tell me what I already know in fine detail.  Is this just another gimmick or will the analyser actually help a player to improve or hurt a player by paralysis by analysis.     

  12. Wally17 says:

    Have you guys reviewed the SwingByte 2? How about Golfsense, or the newer version of that which is called Zepp Golf? Any thoughts on those?

  13. Steve Evans says:

    GC2 costs several thousand pounds.

  14. rchau says:

    How much is the GC2?

  15. wow3bayslife says:

    WOW. That's cool. This is what every avid golfer should do. We just launched a new Auto-Video Recording feature on GSA PRO, which allows you to examine your body posture by recording a video of yourself inside the app. Try it out. Update on App store for FREE.

  16. wow3bayslife says:

    Good to hear that!

  17. Mububban23 says:

    Andy, buy some bigger shirts mate, your guns are gonna rip out of that one like the Hulk 🙂

  18. I bought it about 3 weeks ago,and it has transformed my golf swing.The beauty of this unit is that you don't have to hit a golf ball.
    The animation has really helped me understand my swing path and correct my 'over the top' outside swing path. I'm now bringing the club down on square or inside path, which has helped my accuracy and distance. Golf strike has greatly improved also.I use mine at least 30 mins per day out in the garden,highly recommend it as a tool for feedback.
    Thanks guys

  19. wow3bayslife says:

    Google "3BaysGSA" to learn more about the device and the metrics it can capture.

  20. wow3bayslife says:

    Thanks for the great review.

  21. eddie Butt says:

    I have used this, a load of crap, there are guys at my club who have all kinds of golf swings and they play off low handicaps, guys if you want to get good it's all to do with tempo, putting, short game, forget about the gimmicks chances are it your not playing off scratch just enjoys the game

  22. HarryEccy says:

    Lovely 18th hole. Splash:-)

  23. Meandmygolf says:

    We have had a go with that Steve and it is very good! Great tool for coaching but as you say, fairly expensive.

  24. Meandmygolf says:

    It costs around £189.00 from what we have seen.

  25. Steve Evans says:

    Hi lads. Get your hands on a GC2 with HMT add-on.
    Trackman sees where the ball goes. GC2 shows the impact, where and how you hit the ball. And you can take it tho the range. But still expensive.

  26. Golfvids13 says:

    How much does it cost?

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