This weeks impact show shows 3 death moves that golfers do with the driver that limits your power and accuracy. For each death move is a simple fix to help eliminate them and help you drive the golf ball longer and straighter.



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  1. Loved you in Homeland 😉

  2. kile covey says:

    Wish I could spend the day with you guys, I have a bad slice and can't seem to get it sorted out lol!!

  3. James Hogg says:

    Great video gents – thanks. Curious is these "death moves" apply equally to irons and create the same flaws with all clubs, not just the driver?

  4. Gregory Peck says:

    Is this channel targeting homosexuals? What's with the excessively tight trousers? My reference is to the chap with blow-dried hair.

  5. I often bunch up my arms on most shots, starting on the back swing. Maybe it's lack of flexibility but I lose power & loss of extension and worse, I often wind up with dreaded chicken-wing arms on my drives. Can you provide some drills to keep my arms and forearms extending instead of my elbows and forearms kinking and bunching-up?

  6. fantastic video as always.

  7. Brad Jaggard says:

    Hi guys, I have real trouble with keeping my head down while hitting my driver, any tips?

  8. Mark Langfan says:

    Thanks for your videos. Do you point the club at the right hip with an iron as well. Best regards,Mark

  9. bluenileboy says:

    When my swing lets me down… you guys are my "go to" for sorting the swing.. excellent stuff. Always very smart 🙂

  10. James Gibson says:

    One of your best videos to date guys. Identified straight away with the first two faults and will try my best to work at them today. Keep up the good work and I'll !et you know how I get on

  11. I have a big problem going outside in on my down swing with my drivers and woods causing a large fade or slice. but with my irons or hybrids I'm able to do a small draw. what could be causing this?

  12. Ryan Thomas says:

    Wonderful teaching guys!! Thx

  13. Thanks for your videos, you guys are great! And your British accent makes you both sound so much smarter than us Americans! Question, should my chin and nose be tucked under my left shoulder on my backswing? Thank you, I look forward to your response. Steve New York

  14. Joe Brock says:

    Hahahah. This is amazing. I am guilty of almost every single fault (with the exception of the lean… I reverse lean). Need to put some serious hours on the range with these drills and a mirror I guess. Good thing its supposed to be nice out this weekend! Thanks guys!

  15. mat swales says:

    Excellent video, this has made a huge difference to my driving accuracy. Thank you!

  16. swu9766 says:

    Awesome video, guys! Thanks so much for the wonderful tips and excellent presentation!

  17. Hi lads, great videos just a quick question should I swing as hard as can with the driver?

  18. Tip number 1 allowed me to use about half my usual forearm involvement in drives! This allows me to be far more accurate and better avoid the dreaded open face! Can't wait to share the next shot tracer VLOG applying these on the course!

    Thanks gents!

  19. hi guys, I seem to hit a low draw with my driver constantly. On courses with little to no trees it's normally not an issue and I can normally play my 2nd shot but with lots of trees it's not so great. Any advise?

  20. Drew G says:

    These are great tips and consistent with what Ive heard elsewhere. Using these tips I have become more consistent off the box, but I still hit sky-shot fades a bit too often. Is this because the ball may be hitting off the heel with an open face?

  21. Video really helped great lads!

  22. We play golf says:

    Keep up the good work! Golf is Always fun!

  23. Josh Dumdey says:

    Do have any tips for new golfers? I just got a friend of mine to join the sport and his swing is almost straight up and down. In result he is topping the ball if he hits it or he doesn't hit it at all. Do you have any drills that he could do to help him out?

  24. hefster101 says:

    Great video, as ever chaps! Thanks for this. I really like how concise your faults and fixes are, well structured.

  25. Eddie EJC says:

    I do all three!!! thanks, now i have something to work on

  26. Kurt Swiger says:

    If only you guys were doing these 15 years ago when I started playing…great stuff.

  27. that final drill was spectacular! I've been working on weight transfer/distribution lately this really helped!

  28. I recently have had the problem of crossing the line only for my driver and I hit a big cut and the drill for the second one is a drill that my golf teacher gave me once I was starting out. Really good job on the drills in the video guys.

  29. Ben Coleman says:

    I dread my  driver and 3 wood. I seem to top the ball some, slice quite often, dig into dirt with 3 wood. I cant seem to keep a consistent  shot and it drives me crazy. Any tips on these problems.  I just started watching your videos.  Yall give a lot of good information and tips. look forward to using this on the course.

  30. I've never had my swing flaw explained and been able to visualize it so well. Thank you! I'm off to practice the split hand drill.

  31. where have the course vlogs gone?
    you two are much better players than others on youtube
    lets have some more soon please

  32. hi guys, love the videos you are doing such a great job! I am a low handicapped golfer however there is a move I often make in some 'out of bounds swings' with the driver which damages the round. In this move, my tendency is to laterally fire the hips and forcing the path to the right with an open face causing a push slice. On top of this by upper body is left behind in which fires the ball straight up. Could you make a video dedicated to any drills to help prevent this move???

  33. I've only started golfing a few weeks ago but literally everything I've learned so far has been from your videos so thanks for the content! I'm still a terrible golfer but another week (maybe 2) of watching your videos and I'll be ready for the PGA Tour! By the way, I don't know what Danny Jones is talking about. The moisture level of your wardrobes seems about right???

  34. Robert Smith says:

    Love your videos, easy to see and understand, and great for a beginner like me!

  35. Good timing, just when I'm starting to hate my driver, cheers lads.

  36. Stewart Cram says:

    Lacking confidence of the tee and you've given me clear understanding of what I am trying to do!! First practice range session quickly identified combination of steps 1 & 2 as a major improvement and keeping behind the ball is something I have been working on. Thanks guys, never commented before but moved to do so – keep up the good work!!

  37. Dave Orton says:

    I think I'm sort of a golf hypochondriac. Whenever I watch videos like this I start to think that I have those exact flaws in my swing. But then I'll watch my swing on video and see that I don't actually do them at all. It can really mess up my game because I'm trying to fix flaws that weren't even there to begin with.

  38. Super easy to take to the range and then onto the course, thanks guys you've nailed it again.

  39. John Jones says:

    started to develop a hook on the driver, any tips or 'feeling' to help cure this. i play with a natural draw

  40. chuck bass says:

    Love the videos but I always find myself skipping through… get to the point

  41. I have been struggling with my driver over a year now, searched so much so that I gave up on hitting a driver. Luckily I ran into your video and that is exact death move I have on my swing and have been trying to correct it but with no major success. I like Andy's right hand down the grip drill and I tried it and it does get me going back on plane. I just have to get it become second nature and hopefully be a happy camper :-). Nice video and very helpful. Keep 'em coming. If you are in LA area, give me shout out and would love to play a round. Cheers guys.

  42. Danny Jones says:

    I dig your vids they are very informative and you chaps are spot on, but your wardrobe is very moist.

  43. I like that notebook drill a lot. I'm going to put that to use next time I'm on the range.

  44. I was wondering about the first death move, and how to hinge the wrist once you're about parallel with the ground. Could you show how to hinge the wrist at that point of the take away?
    Great work guys!

  45. ABshookme says:

    For those who find last part interesting should search "compression line" with TopSpeedGolf, Clay Ballard

  46. Great stuff guys, thank you.

  47. did piers grow? he looks taller than andy today

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