Chris Ryan takes a look a the takeaway and gives you 3 checkpoints that you can use to ensure you are getting your swing off to the best possible start

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  1. Your real helpful. Keep it coming

  2. Do you feel as if you are using your left arm to hit the ball? I tried this yesterday and was getting alot more power and consistency.

  3. 0157snowman says:

    Really like your teaching style and content. Keep up the great work. You need to come to the USA and do a golf school!

  4. Mark Collins says:

    Chris,I found your channel months ago, and feel that there is no reason to look anywhere else for instruction. Clear. Concise. Awesome. You're the best in the business. Love this video! "Right… Let me go ahead and hit one…"

  5. Warren Walsh says:

    Chris, does this conflict a little with your previous instruction about width with the trail arm? I find if I fold the trail elbow I'm too narrow

  6. Bernie Jones says:

    Perfect lesson! Exactly what I'm working on at the moment!

  7. gam5000 says:

    Chris, not sure where you are in the world but I'm a huge fan of your content. I'm from the States, and finally been reworking my swing. I had no idea where to begin until I came across your channel. Thanks for all the great content and keep up the great work. Cheers.

  8. I was just looking for something like this, great timing and great video!

  9. Simon Cook says:

    Great video Chris. You offer the best explanations of the swing on YouTube in my opinion.

  10. Gary Jones says:

    great vlogs, i learn so much, about my swing. from following your advice and instruction. thanks chris. keep up the good work.

  11. You forgot to say "aaand I'd be happy with that" after you struck the ball Chris 😂👍

  12. Matt Parsons says:

    Great swing thoughts! Can't wait to give this a shot today!

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