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  1. john moore says:

    The biggest bore in golf I just can't watch this cunt at all slow play all the time never fucks up crying no way can I watch him I turn over when he's in play sad cunt he is and his boring golf

  2. what watch is he wearing? explorer2?

  3. Jodan is a prince among men

  4. Jordan Speith is Gold, fabulous to watch, his skill levels are A-,, his putting skills are equal to anybody who has played the game, just sometimes his consistency begets him, he commentates brilliantly on his own bad shots, just an American to like…

  5. The player/caddy relationship today is huge, the caddy can have as much influence on the player's state of mind and club selection as ever, as evidenced by all the conversations before shots. Michael Greller got into Jordan's head on the 7th tee, after Jordan was like +3 for the day, and losing it. He told Jordan to Believe in himself, he belongs on that group of champions he posted a pic of, and so Jordan did just that, he believed he could go on and win The Open

  6. This guy is already legend.  Watching him play golf, listen to his interviews, dissect the game, articulate…..Legend.

  7. 82Goors says:

    Tiger would have been swearing and throwing clubs.

  8. CliveRuggins says:

    I wish someone would have asked him about how he got lost going to the 16th tee 😂

  9. Jordan is a very respectful young man. He is years wiser more than his age. He is a product of good parents. The world would be a better place if all parents respected each other through thick and thin and raised their children to appreciate who they are, love their family and those that support them and never be embarrassed to admit fault and the lessons they learned along the way.

  10. Title of His autobiography should be,,,,,"Faith, Family, and Final rounds…"

  11. Danny Walker says:

    I really enjoyed that round he is mad to watch

  12. Really nice guy and a very well deserved winner,amazing last few holes

  13. l An says:

    Hopefully this puts him on the road to recovery – that is to start anew without thinking about that Master's disaster.

  14. pix046 says:

    He has the quality of being not only a brilliant player but a very likeable man. It was great the way he got that eagle and said to his caddie something like "Get that eagle putt golf ball out of the hole there, would you?" Just a great way of saying it. Oozing confidence and pride at that point without being big headed.

  15. D Slatt says:

    OMG, today's players need "mental coaches" ? Most people don't understand that Ben Hogan, and many others of that time, won their tournaments by themselves, without having to rely on a caddy to get them through to the finish. This goes to show the mental toughness and knowledge of Hogan, who even witnessed his own father commit suicide with a revolver when Ben was very young. Hogan, who needed no caddy to give him yardage or talk him through a tough shot or calm his nerves. Honestly, I think caddies should be allowed to carry the clubs, period, and any advice on yardage or any attempt to give verbal advice as a way to calm the player down should be illegal–put a microphone on them. Win by yourself, build mental toughness without a "mental coach". A caddy should get minimum wage just for carrying the clubs, so you could just hire a high school kid or something. Sounds to me Michael the caddy just won the British Open. And without him Kuch takes it all.

  16. OutOfNowhere says:

    good win to jordan and mike. i will say this game is a game of inches, luck, and skill. please remeber you pay your caddie well to aide in your shots.and over all performance. To know your game and your mental better than you do. Its a team effort no matter what. so what if the caddie is not swinging the club. if he tells you club up or down and you listen and hit a great shot or a bad shot. hes held responsible. so hes entirely as important as any club in your bag. so i say good win Jordan and Mike

  17. Riley Karp says:

    Mr spieth you are in a class of your own sir

  18. Hugo Goerner says:

    ladies and gentlemen…the Arnold Palmer of the new generation…a true Battler. Poised, mature, reflective and considerate. oh..and one hell of a ball striker

  19. Sam Bischel says:

    ''Jordan Spieth is a savage.''

  20. Dreama40 says:

    Jordan is special i really think history will reflect this sentiment as time goes by.

  21. shahrul1962 says:

    I would like to ask JS whether he ever looked into his duel with MK as a "matchplay" scenario….likr starting being 3-up and trying not to go 4down as much as possible…something like that.

  22. Cathy Cartee says:

    Thanks for all your uploads of this tournament!

  23. Roger Feces says:

    You won the tournament, Greller did not win the tournament

  24. Steve King says:

    GREAT JOB to both Spieth AND KUCHAR! It's the most exiciting time EVER for golf and we appreciate every moment that we have HONORABLE icons for our sport!

  25. Donny Wilcox says:

    what a great champion. …..well spoken jordan

  26. 2smoulder says:

    What an awesome man…well done to Jordan and his team and also to Kuch for being part of the moment.

  27. RinoDino7 says:

    2:04 his front 9 doesn't add up to 32, it's 37.

  28. Scott Warner says:

    Jordan Speith's parents did a great job bring him up! Jordan is a well grounded impressive young man that clearly knows the rules of golf better than Marc see, he did nothing wrong. I wasn't particularly a fan before, but after today's play & this interview I am now.

  29. He excels when he's behind. His streak started on 14 after he fell behind one stroke.

  30. George Qiao says:

    Jordan is officially the "face" of golf: all American, clean cut, genuine, and is white haha

  31. George Qiao says:

    Jordan is the "tiger" of the young stud generation (Rory, DJ, day) that eldrick inspired to be like woods

  32. Marc see says:

    shame on you Jordan – if you cant play where it lies you dont belong to golf! next time take it the club house and shoot it from the carpet!

  33. Tom R says:

    Jordan……you are the man!

  34. C Moon says:

    Jordan overcame his greatest adversary,himself.The great ones share this trait

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