2017 Ledgestone Insurance Open Round 2 Part 2 (Oakley, Johansen, Risley, McBeth)


Watch as the the MPO chase card takes on the tough Eureka Lake Temp Course during the second round of the 2017 Ledgestone Insurance Open.


Central Coast Disc Golf




18 responses to “2017 Ledgestone Insurance Open Round 2 Part 2 (Oakley, Johansen, Risley, McBeth)”

  1. Jeremy Hilss says:

    I really disagree with your take on the baskets. I've played many courses with Chainstars, and I have found them, in my experience, to be some of the best catching baskets on the market. Everybody in every event is gonna have some "random" spit outs/throughs, it's part of the game. Like in ball golf when you ring around the edge of the cup or skip over it.

  2. Scott Lewis says:

    the course is too easy. it obviously needs more artificial OB. /s

  3. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for great production and commentary! What is up with that disccraft add? its just ….uncomfortable.

  4. Red Woods says:

    Fine display of sportsmanship from Eric Oakley in the midst of a total meltdown..

  5. John Willis says:

    I feel so bad for Eric, the wind and OB just killed his rounds.

  6. asc95 says:

    Doss's commentary was great, the other guy talking over everything he said was extremely annoying. I know he set up the course and all but damn man let the guy finish a sentence. Your basket choice was as terrible as your listen to me commentary. Kudos to Doss for putting up with that crap so gracefully

  7. Mythosofman says:

    Corey the justice in my experience is far more stable than the buzzz os.

  8. I want to like this course, but I just don't. It's overtly difficult for what seems like absolutely no reason.

    Separate note: Thanks for the quick video turn-around. Much appreciated.

  9. SETHDGVLOGS says:

    Discraft baskets are not on the dgpt approved tournament baskets list. They have gone against their own standards twice at this event and the memorial. Plenty of people voted on the approved baskets list and the dgpt is being very non professional but not following their self approved guidelines.

  10. Jeb Watson says:

    Goodguy eric oakley. Wow lots of respect.

  11. Eric did the right thing that most people would never do. Amazing

  12. Isn't calling footfault in a situation you throw to OB irrelevant? IIRC if you make multiple errors in a throw, the one that incurs the highest penalty is the only one that counts.

  13. Kyle Vines says:

    Anybody else notice the dude just chillin in the water at 22:25?

  14. Good call by Eric Oakley at the 14:57 mark. Mcbeth 100% hit his disc while he was pivoting/slipping.

  15. foot fault bull%^$# go home and make soup

  16. John Wayne says:

    talking to urself..? lol

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