2 Putt Ryder Cup Challenge



Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here http://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

2 Putt Ryder Cup Challenge with Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey. Filmed in France at Le Golf National watch as the guys take on one of the many tough greens on the L’Albratros Course. Prepare yourself for this golf video, which we think is a golf video.

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22 responses to “2 Putt Ryder Cup Challenge”

  1. 🙍🏿‍♂️
    This is jerry ,jerry has no friends one like one friend

  2. Steven Moss says:

    a challenge that wasn't a challenge 😂🏌⛳

  3. 5ohstang12 says:

    And with that the Americans win the Ryder cup

  4. Pete Kenny says:

    whoever goes 2nd shouldn't look at line #muppets

  5. Jamie hart says:

    "2 Putt Ryder Cup Challenge" – good 3 putts bruhs

  6. Good to see Coach has perfected picking up with that difficult putter shape hahaha

  7. Someone told me that Mr Parfield had no comment. I laughed heartily

  8. Mark can you do a video on putting using an alignment line on the please vs without please? Cheers Brah!

  9. jaydee514 says:

    A half is a winnnn gj lock

  10. Nate Gage says:

    Saw 3 planes in the distance. #goingup

  11. Thought I had got a wildcard entry. ☺ ⛳

  12. SuperDixxxie says:

    The dance was the best bit to be fair…Awks lol

  13. Lovin the dance and the dreadful last putt made me chuckle only because it's reminds me of myself 😂. Also the way you described the tech marketing of the callaway hybrid as "guff" brilliant

  14. David t says:

    Bring back the comment show please

  15. I would almost say, I can't believe you bothered posting that. But Coach is such a lovely boy and a half is a win so that's yet another win for the army #lockeyarmy #whyaretheputtingchallengesalwayshalved

  16. Niall Stark says:

    "nothing else to say" is a win for the army!

  17. david g says:

    i would of taken 4 lol

  18. Alli Ward says:

    Coach is a cracking plur

  19. All a little awkward 😂🏌️

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