1994 Moe Norman golf swing demo – PGA Interview – Best ever (part 1 of 2)


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This video comes from the two part video also posted here on youtube. Which is from the 1994 PGA coaching and teaching conference where Moe Norman was interviewed as part of the ceremony acknowledging him as the “greatest ball striker” of all time. Craig Shankland was the interviewer and ask Moe many questions about his golf swing. It is a great question and answer video.

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44 responses to “1994 Moe Norman golf swing demo – PGA Interview – Best ever (part 1 of 2)”

  1. Steve Lambo says:

    plenty of bogies on pga tour when he tried for 12 tourneys

  2. Steve Lambo says:

    friend tried it on driver first time same distant but every drive down the middle not good for short game

  3. TheNYgolfer says:

    Does anyone know what Moe does in his swing to arrive at impact with his chest facing the target line, his shoulders almost parallel to the target line and both feet flat on the ground? That is something not common among tour players past or present. "Belly button to the target" is the battle cry today.

  4. Ashton H says:

    When I read golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google), I discovered how comprehensive it explains the right way of doing a golf swing. The book is based off of the swing model of all tour pros put together. I`m still halfway in reading the book however I could say that the ideas are really helpful. I have scored 3 straight low 80s rounds right after reading this book.

  5. Maybe all Normans are great golfers lol?

  6. Justin Welch says:

    Thanks for this video, he was great.

  7. sumsar0125 says:

    How much distance do you lose with this swing (when compared to a straight conventional shot)?

  8. Eka E says:

    I`ve been a golf player for 7 years and there are several lessons that I have taken. After studying these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I shot a 75 after 2 buckets working on the ideas introduced in this book, especially the grip section, the ball position and most importantly the through swing drills. My previous handicap is 13, but now I`m beginning to drop it. This guide is impressive!

  9. surfstomp says:

    Good swing for us old guys. Don't see any tour pros making this move.

  10. bunkerputt says:

    The feeling of greatness: 140 yard 7-irons.

  11. golfboy1989 says:

    He's a great character, but he's no great of the game in regards to his stats. The way he talks and is talked about he should have been in top 3 or better in every tourney he played. Yet he won nothing of note and rarely placed inside top 10. So a great ball striker he may have been, but he was not a great golfer.

  12. I've meet a couple of men that got to hit balls with Moe. They loved him immensely. IF we listen to him explain how "HE" hits the golf ball, we'd all be better golfers. simplicity at it's best. listen to him talk about height, amazing. And he says, "hazards are on the ground",,, there are no hazards in the sky, hit over the hazards,,,, wonderful.

  13. allen D says:

    moe says it's so simply just swing to the finish. what he don't understand is that he hits thousands and thousands of balls every day and he does nothing else. But he can't understand why everyone can't hit a golf ball as good as him. Do u think Moe ever did anything for anyone other than himself? I certainly don't. He seems very self-serving to me!

  14. allen D says:

    moe, i know u r gone now but moe, listen to me carefully – u keep saying over and over "I'm the only person" that does this or that. Moe, tell me, how could u possibly know that unless you have seen every person in the world who plays golf, swing their club?

  15. Drk Viol801 says:

    dude, thank you so much for your channel awesome stuff, thx for posting this video!

  16. It is so sad Moe is using a swing and talking about a totally different swing…he had no idea what he was doing he just did it….and the palm, ten finger grip again, something everyone swears he never used other then to sell Natural Golf…funny.

  17. Does Moe pull down with his left hand / arm or throw the clubhead at the ball with his right ?

  18. The greatest ever. No doubt. Canada again with the best in a sport!!

  19. This video of moe norman on single plane easy than two plane swing. I think everything golfer should try different things, one swing only. Golf is always changing. Thank you for this video awesome !!!

  20. MrZocor says:

    Anybody can take there hand off of the club after they swing. that doesn't prove anything.

  21. MrZocor says:

    that's all I ever see is the middle of the fairway, but that doesn't keep me from hitting from the woods anyway.

  22. this guy was a genious!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Brian Knipp says:

    what a cocky bastard lol hell of a striker tho

  24. MrZocor says:

    He doesn't have any bogies in his bag, because I got them all! LOL.

  25. phalanseng says:

    I love this man! He makes it simple for himself. Thanks for posting.

  26. Kevin Cox says:

    I started the Moe Norman conversion last year.  59 yrs old with a bad back.  Couldn't make it thru a round and started slicing everything, cause I couldn't turn with the conventional swing.  Golf was no longer fun.  Had to do something.  My game is so much better now and the back doesn't bother me when I play!  Sunday afternoon after "The Open" I went to my local club and played 9.  Pretty slow as it was getting later in the day.  On number 9 I hit a drive about 260, threw down another ball and hit it.  When I got to the balls they were literally 18 inches apart.  Not side by side, one slightly in front of the other.  Looked back at the tee box and you could have drawn a straight line backwards to side of the tee box I teed off from.  I have never been a good golfer, now people actually tell me I hit some of the nicest purest shots they ever see.  Scores are in upper 70's lowers 80's.  Use to be upper 80's and 90's.  But like everyone else I need to improve my short game!  All I can say is don't make fun of it till you try it!

  27. i like when he said, "I lose distance but its goes dead straight" i'll take accuracy over distance any day

  28. Hi +Kirk Junge. At the begining the guy says it was a 5 hour of continuous ball striking. Is there any way for you to contact this man or to get the entire footage to see and hear everything he says? That'd be awesome.

    Another question; why didn't bryson choose to do it much more horizontally like moe or viceversa, why not moe more vertically. I've been doing it like moe for a while now until I discovered bryson. Now I've tryed brysons way with thiker grips on a few clubs and I think it even might be easier. Mantaining a single plane vertically is very easy I think with a thicker grip. What are your thoughts?
    Thanks a lot

  29. This is the greatest thing ever! R.I.P. Moe.

  30. Rob S says:

    The guy doing the interview (asking the questions) sounds like Phil Hartman

  31. Its his mind that made him consistent not his swing. The swing is solid but the complete lack of self doubt made him the great ball striker he was.

  32. Kenneth says:

    Trump speaks of a baseball player's swing. To me, he is more like Moe Norman. He had a funky swing, and he had funky hair. However when it came to balls, he was the master.

  33. Mike Murphy says:

    I'm the only golfer living lol

  34. pgcops says:

    It was interesting how he said he has a very hard pull with his left hand. I understood that both hands had to work in unison.

  35. hes clearly a nut job like most geniuses

  36. Raza says:

    after 500 balls no dirt on the toe of my club. takes a shot, then has to wipe the dirt off the toe of his club

  37. golfprochen says:

    Bent right wrist and square club face through impact!
    Too simple to be easy.

  38. jeff dubuque says:

    his swing dosent hit crooked. never.

  39. Alan Martins says:

    There is plenty of hip movement, he just tries not to moved them. That's what he feels but not what happens.

  40. I love Moe Norman……….he has something that no one has…The most simple swing.

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