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We’re playing Cloudlands: VR Minigolf. It’s probably one of the better ways to play minigolf, and one of the few real-life sports that is perfectly adapted in to VR. Something to try out for sure.

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==ABOUT THIS GAME====================================
Welcome to Cloudlands : VR Minigolf! Cloudlands is a virtual reality minigolf experience like you’ve never experienced before. Be transported to a beautifully landscaped island archipelago above the clouds.

You will find no swing or power meters in Cloudlands. Cloudlands uses an intuitive 1:1 control mapping between the virtual putter and your Vive controller. Expect your real-life skills to translate into the virtual world (oh no!). Don’t worry though. It’s mini golf! Everyone can have fun and play.

Cloudlands includes one fantastical 18 hole course. The course is split between 3 different seasons so expect to see summer, autumn, and winter themed holes. Expect to be challenged by ball cannons, floating bridges, spinning obstacles, and multi-island holes. Fully equipped with local and global online leaderboards.

Expect to find a nearly unlimited supply of amazing user created holes!

What could be better than playing Cloudlands by yourself? Playing with friends and family of course! We offer 4 player online multiplayer to play mini golf over the network with other players with fully integrated voice chat.

Local multiplayer (only 1 VR Headset required) allows you to play a competitive round from the comfort of your own home with up to 4 players.

Bored of the existing holes and want to play some new ones? Build, share, and play other user created holes! Build in god mode and instantly play your course in real time. Lock your pieces to a grid or use complete free form to create some ridiculous holes never before seen or played before.

Over 20 challenging Steam Achievements to test your precision and accuracy with a putter

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